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Владимирова Елена Васильевна

Создание сайта оказалось не очень простым занятием. Но что-то получилось. Надеюсь, что дальше будет лучше. Жаль, что нет возможности добавлять видео и презентации.

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Владимирова Елена Васильевна

Сайт создается с целью информирования учащихся и их родителей, а также обмена опытом с коллегами.

Информация о себе




В помощь учащимся

В помощь родителям

Методическая копилка

Гостевая книга

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Владимирова Елена Васильевна

Nowadays people use the Internet more and more. It is a fact that using it makes our life easier because you can find all necessary information being at home. The emergence of the opportunity to create teacher`s site causes a variety of opinions. People argue about the advantages and disadvantages of having teacher`s site. Some are for, others are against it. 

Speaking about the advantages  of having a site it should be mentioned that having teacher`s site  helps to collect all metodical literature you need for the lessons you will not have to keep it at home or at school. Moreover, you can use the information from your site at the lessons. What is more, you can share experiences with other teachers who can evaluate your work. You can connect with your students and their parents, using your site. They can find there recommedations for learning English, tasks and information about the language competitions.

Some people consider that there are also disadvantages of having personal teacher`s site. It is a fact that in order to have his or her own site a person should know the computer very well and be very competitent  in using the Internet. Not every teacher can do it. There are even teachers who have sites only because the administration of their school makes them to do it. Moreover, sometimes teachers make and complete their sites not by themselves!

Personaly I think that nowadays every teacher must have his or her own site. To my mind modern teacher can`t be without site because not having personal site, a teacher misses a variety of opportunities. I want to have my own site and I think I can do it!

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