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Лазарева Алена Константиновна

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Лазарева Алена Константиновна

На своем сайте планирую следующие разделы и подразделы:

Главная страница

Мое портфолио (информация обо мне как учителе и не только)

Новости (актуальная информация об изменениях в области образования, конкурсах, НПК, олимпиадах, проектах, семинарах, вебинарах, мастер-классах)

МО учителей иностранных языков  «Лицея № 1»:

·        портфолио кафедры иностранных языков

·        работа МО учителей кафедры иностранных языков

Методическая копилка:

·        календарно-тематическое планирование

·        конспекты уроков, сценарии мероприятий и т.д.

·        статьи, публикации

·        научно-исследовательская и проектная деятельность

Страничка для учащихся:

·        подготовка к ЕГЭ/ГИА

·        Web quests

·        проекты

·        достижения

Страничка для родителей


Отдых с пользой:

·        Фильмы на английском языке

·        Книги на английском языке

·        Тесты, головоломки, игры



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Лазарева Алена Константиновна

The Internet has a strong impact on modern society and our life. Having a personal website is pretty much a must have nowadays. A lot of people of different professions have their own websites and teachers as well.

To have a personal website for a teacher is a great opportunity to share the knowledge and experience, some original ideas with other teachers. It’s a common situation, when you want to make your lesson better, more interesting and effective, you surf the Net in searching useful information and, though there are a lot of different educational resources, there are a lot of talented, creative and skillful teachers who can give you this or that information, advice.  Also, a teacher can make pages for students, where they can find useful information and even tasks such as web-quests. 

Also to have a personal website for a teacher is a great responsibility, because he or she should think carefully about the content posting on it. A website can help leave a positive first impression if it’s designed well and your content is professional. To fill your site with interesting and useful information, to design it well requires a lot of time and special knowledge from a teacher, and if a teacher can get the necessary knowledge, the problem can be with a lack of time. 

In spite of possible difficulties, I think a modern teacher should have his or her personal website because it can benefit for teacher himself, for colleagues and for students. 

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