Илюхина Л.В. Сценарий театрализованного представления "Ребекка" по роману Дафны Дюморье.

Статья и сценарий « Ребекка»


Детям трудно отказать в игре, а если добавить перевоплощение и возможность изъясняться на языке героев, то к удовольствию от игры добавляется развивающийся интерес к зарубежной литературе, в данном случае к англо-американской.

В начальной школе  мои малыши с удовольствием участвуют в драматизации таких сказок как «Репка», «Три поросёнка», «Красная шапочка», «Золушка». Учащихся среднего звена интересуют уже не только английские, шотландские народные сказки, но и творчество М.Твена, О. Генри, О.Уальда.

Обогатившись актёрским опытом и овладев способностью хорошо говорить на английском языке, ребята старшего звена с увлечением читают книги для домашнего чтения из серии «Английский клуб», которая  знакомит их с классической и современной прозой. После детального изучения произведения на уроках домашнего чтения ребятам легко его инсценировать. Произведение Дафны Дюморье  «Ребекка» зажгло ребят своей уникальностью, прозрачностью и элитностью. Никого не оставил равнодушным рассказ юной девушки, вышедшей замуж за вдовца вдвое старше её и страдающей от ощущения, что её не только постоянно сравнивают с покойной замечательной во всех отношениях первой женой Ребеккой, но и не желают видеть новой хозяйкой знаменитого Мэндерли.

Предлагаемый ниже сценарий по данному произведению, возможно, поможет другим учителям его инсценировать.



After “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier


                                      Mr. de Winter (Maxim), the owner of Manderley

                                Mrs. De Winter (Daphne) his wife and former Mrs. Van Hopper’s companion

                                      Mrs. Van Hopper, a rich lady

                                      Colonel Julian

                                      Mr. Favell, Rebecca’s cousin

                                      Doctor Baker

                                      The waiter

                                      The maid  









                                                           Scene One

Голос за сценой: Last night I dreamt that I went to Manderley again, our Manderley, mysterious as it had always been, with the grey stones shining in the moonlight of my dream and the narrow windows reflecting the green lawns and the terrace. The house was a sepulcher, our fears and sufferings lay buried in the ruins. Now, when being awake I will think of Manderley, the things that cannot hurt, I will feel no bitterness. We wouldn’t talk of Manderley. I wouldn’t tell Maxim my dream. For Manderley was no longer ours. Manderley no longer existed. It had been destroyed long ago by evil and hate. We have lost a lot but I have at last grown up. I am very different from the shy, frightened girl who first went to Manderley. The fear and the terror made me a woman. A dull woman perhaps. But I am with my husband and he is all I need. We have both known pain and loneliness. ( тихо играет грустная музыка)That is all now. Manderley has been destroyed. But we still alive and we are both free. – What would I be today if I had not gone to Monte Carlo with Mrs. Van Hopper? I would have lived another life. I would have become a different person.

( Две дамы  входят, садятся  за стол. Официант стоит рядом.)

Mrs. Van Hopper: Not a single well-known personality! I shall tell the manager they must make a reduction on my bill. What do they think I come for? To look at the page-boys? ( за соседним столом замечает мистера де Уинтера и громко шепчет, наклонившись к Дафне) Look! It’s Mr. de Winter, the man who owns Manderley. You’ve heard of it, of course. He looks ill, doesn’t he? I’ve heard he can’t get over his wife’s death. (Пауза) My dear! Go upstairs quickly and find that letter from my nephew.

Daphne: What letter?

Mrs. Van Hopper: You remember, the one, written on his honeymoon with photos. Bring it down to me right away! (Дафна уходит; миссис Ван-Хоппер обращается к мистеру де Винтеру который проходит мимо): Mr. de Winter, if I’m not mistaken? I’m Mrs. Van Hopper. As far as I remember you‘re Billy’s friend and we met at his party one day. But I’m afraid you don’t remember me, such an old woman?

Mr. de Winter: On the contrary, I remember you very well.

 Mrs. Van Hopper: Oh, I’ve recognized you at once and thought I must show you the photos of Billy and his wife on their honeymoon. (входит миссис де Уинтер и молча подаёт конверт; миссис Ван-Хоппер небрежно указывает на миссис де Уинтер) Meet my companion Daphne, please. (обращаясь к  миссис де Уинтер): Mr. de Winter is having coffee with us. Go and ask the waiter for another cup.

Mr. de Winter (резко встаёт) I’m afraid I must contradict you. You are both having coffee with me.

(обращается к миссис де Уинтер): Would you like more coffee?

Mrs. de Winter: Oh, no, thank you.

Mrs. Van Hopper: Billy’s on holiday now. He loves traveling. But if he had a home like Manderley, he would never leave it. People say that Manderley’s one of the most beautiful houses in England. I wonder what you doing here in Monte Carlo?

Mr. de Winter: (молчит, затем обращается к Дафне): What do you think of Monte Carlo, or don’t you think of it at all?

Mrs. de Winter: Well, to my mind it’s the place where everything artificial and...

Mrs. Van Hopper (перебивая её): She’s spoilt, Mr. de Winter, that’s her trouble. Most girls would give their eyes for the choice of seeing Monte.

Mr. de Winter: But they won’t be able to see it then. (с улыбкой)

The waiter (подходит к ним): Excuse me, madam, but a dressmaker is waiting for you in the suite.

Mr. de Winter (резко вставая): Don’t let me keep you. Fashions change so quickly nowadays, they may even alter by the time you get upstairs.

Mrs. Van Hopper: It’s so delightful to have run into you like this, Mr. de Winter. Now when I have been brave enough to break the ice I hope you’ll come and have a drink some time in my suite. I may have one or two people coming in tomorrow evening. Why not join us?

Mr. de Winter: I’m so sorry; tomorrow I’m probably driving to Sospel. I’m not sure when I shall get back. If you will excuse me ….(поворачивается и уходит).

Mrs. Van Hopper: What a strange man Max de Winter is. He left so suddenly. But he is certainly an attractive man. By the way, dear, you were rather rude to him. You must look at people when they are speaking. You are not a child, you know.

Scene Two

(Mистер де Винтер сидит за столом; к соседнему столу подходит Дафна и нечаянно опрокидывает вазу с цветами; пытается салфеткой собрать воду)

Mr. de Winter: You can’t sit at a wet tablecloth. You will lose your appetite.

Daphne: I don’t mind. It doesn’t matter at all.

Mr. de Winter: Get out of the way. I’d like you to have lunch with me.

Daphne: Thanks. I’m alone

Mr. de Winter: You don’t believe me. Never mind. Come and sit down.

                          By the way, why did your friend want to speak to me?

Mrs. de Winter: That’s curiosity of hers. She tries to make friends with everyone. That is, everyone of


Mr. de Winter: (машет официанту; тот приносит чай)I shall be flattered, but why does she consider me of any


Mrs. de Winter: I think because of Manderley. (пауза)

Mr. de Winter: Your friend, she is much older than you. Is she your relative?

Mrs. de Winter: She isn’t really a friend. She is an employer. She is training me to be a thing called a

                           companion, and pays me ninety pounds a year.

Mr. de Winter: I didn’t know one could buy companionship. It’s rather primitive idea like the Eastern slave market.

Mrs. de Winter: But ninety pounds is a lot of money to me.

Mr. de Winter: Haven’t you any family?

Mrs. de Winter: No, they are dead.

Mr. de Winter: You’re so sad. Has anything happened?

Mrs. de Winter: We are leaving now.

Mr. de Winter: Really?

Daphne: Mrs. Van Hopper only decided it yesterday. Her daughter sails for New York on Saturday and we are going with her. But I don’t want to go with her. I shall be miserable there.

Mr. de Winter: Then why on earth go with her?

Mrs. de Winter: I have to, you know that. I work for money. I can’t afford to leave her.

Mr. de Winter (задумчиво): So Mrs. Van Hopper has had enough of Monte Carlo, and now she wants to go home. So do I. She to New York, and I to Manderley. Which would you prefer? You can take your choice.

Mrs. de Winter: Don’t make a joke about it. It’s unfair and I think I had better say good-bye now.

Mr. de Winter: If you think I’m one of the people who try to be funny at breakfast you are wrong. I repeat to you, the choice is open to you. Either you go to America with Mrs. Van Hopper or you come home to Manderley with me.

Mrs. de Winter: Do you mean you want a secretary or something?

Mr. de Winter: No, I’m asking you to marry me, a little fool.

Mrs. de Winter: You don’t understand. I don’t belong to your circle.

Mr. de Winter: What circle?

Mrs. de Winter: Well… Manderley. Of course, you know what I mean.

Mr. de Winter: What do you know of Manderley? I’m the person to judge whether you belong there or not. You haven’t answered my question. Do you want to marry me? (пауза; мистер де Уинтер принимает её молчание за отказ) I’m sorry. I thought you loved me. A fine blow to my conceit.

Mrs. de Winter: I love you. I live you very much. I’ve been crying all night because I thought I should never see you again.

Mr. de Winter: Bless you for that. So that’s settled, isn’t it? Instead of being a companion to Mrs. Van Hopper you become mine, and your duties will be almost the same. I also like new library books and flowers and bridge after dinner, and someone to pour out my tea.

Mrs. Van Hopper :( им вслед): But I think you’re making a big mistake. Of course, you know why he’s marring you, don’t you? He’s not in love with you. The truth is he’s lonely by himself at Manderley. He can’t live in that empty house without Rebecca. He’s marring you because he can’t go on living there alone.

Scene Three

  (Но вопреки всему Дафна  была счастлива во время медового месяца. Счастливым казался и Максим. Однако, спустя 3 месяца пребывания в Мендерли, она поняла, что её замужество оказалось несчастливым.)

  Голос за сценой: My marriage was a failure. It had failed after only three months. I was too young for Maxim, I knew too little about the world. The fact that I loved him made no importance. It was not the sort of love he needed. Maxim was not in love with me. He had never loved me. He didn’t belong to me, he belonged to Rebecca. Rebecca was the real Mrs. De Winter.

I could never be the mistress of Manderley. Wherever I walked, wherever I sat, I saw Rebecca. I knew her well. I knew tall, slim figure, her small face and clear white skin. If I ever heard her voice, I would know it. Rebecca – always Rebecca. I would never escape from Rebecca. She was too strong for me.

              Daphne: She is everywhere: her footsteps sound in the corridors, her scent is on the stairs. The servants still obey her orders; the food we eat is the food she likes. Rebecca is still Mrs. de Winter. Rebecca, always Rebecca. These were my thoughts when one day a ship suddenly went ashore in the bay and the diver made a discovery: he came across a little sailing boat belonging to Rebecca and her body bolted in the cabin. Then I learned the truth.  

Mr. de Winter: It’s all over now. The thing has happened.

Mrs. de Winter: What thing?

Mr. de Winter: The thing I’ve always foreseen. The thing I’ve dreamt about night after night.

Mrs. de Winter: What are you trying to tell me?

Mr. de Winter: They’ve found Rebecca.

Daphne: Rebecca?! But she‘s buried!

     Mr. de Winter: The woman buried in the crypt is not Rebecca. Rebecca was not drowned at all. I killed her.

 Mrs. de Winter: Oh, no!

Mr. de Winter: But I shot Rebecca in the cottage in the cove. I carried her body to the cabin, took the boat out and sank it there where they found it today. Will you tell me you love me now?

Mrs. de Winter (молчит. потрясённая услышанным): Oh, no!

Mr. de Winter: I see, you don’t love me. It’s too late.

Mrs. de Winter: It’s not too late, you don’t understand. I love you more than anything in the world. We’ve got to be together always, but you still love her, don’t you?

Mr. de Winter: Oh, my God! You thought I killed Rebecca, loving her? I tell you I hated her. Our marriage was a farce from the beginning. We played it together before friends, relatives, even before servants. She was vicious, rotten through and through. She knew exactly what to say to different people. I realized my mistake 5 days after we were married. At first she was careful, but then she began to grow careless. She would have picnics down at her cottage at the cove. She spent nights with men and her cousin Favell. I warned her. One day she came back from London the same day and looked ill. I told her that I was going to divorce her. But she began to laugh and said that it would be damned hard for me, because I had never had a single proof against her. Imagine, then she told me that if she had a child nobody would ever prove that it was not mine. She faced me smiling holding her cigarette. When I killed her she was still smiling. I fired at her heart but she didn’t fall at once. She stood there, looking at me with a smile on her face. I carried her out to the boat and bolted the door. Then I opened the sea-cocks and made holes in the bottom boards. She sank too close to the shore.

           Mrs. de Winter (обнимая мужа за плечи): It was the ship. It wouldn’t have happened but for the ship. No one would have known.

           Mr. de Winter: I knew it would happen one day. It was only a question of time. Rebecca would win in the end.      

Scene Four

(Водолазы обследовали корпус севшего на мель судна и обнаружили под его днищем затонувшую яхту с телом женщины, запертой в каюте. Было проведено расследование, затем суд, который решил, что Ребекка, а это была именно она, покончила жизнь самоубийством. Однако, ни кузен Фейвел, ни миссис Денверс не желали в это верить, так как считали, что её убил сам Макс де Винтер. Запись в дневнике Ребекки приводит главных героев к Доктору Бейкеру, который помогает понять причину гибели бывшей миссис де Винтер. )

(Фейвел, полковник Джулиан, мистер де Винтер и миссис де Винтер ожидают доктора Бейкера)                               

Colonel Julian (обращается к служанке): Does Doctor Baker live here?

A young maid: Yes, sir, will you come in?

Colonel Julian: Is he at home? He is expecting us. I sent a telegram.

         A young maid: Yes, of course. He is busy now. I’ll tell him you are here. And you may wait for him here.

Favell to Mr. de Winter (отводит мистера де Уинтера в сторону): Listen here; you’ve come very well out of this affair, haven’t you? Better than you ever expected. Oh, yes, I was in the court this afternoon. Luckily for you it went the way it did. (Мистер де Уинтер повернулся к нему дать ответ, но Фейвел поднял руку); Wait a bit. I haven’t finished yet. Well, I attended that inquest as you know. And everything went smoothly, didn’t it, until Tobb gave his evidence? But after that? Well, Max, old man, what have you got to say about those holes in the floor-boards, and those sea-cocks turned full on?

Mr. de Winter: Do you think that after those hours of talk in the court I am going into it again with you? You heard the evidence and I heard the verdict. It satisfied the Coroner and it must satisfy you.

Favell: Suicide, eh? But what abut this note? (достаёт из внутреннего кармана пиджака записку) Listen. “I tried to ring you from that flat, but could get no answer……I’ve got something important to tell you and I want to see you  as soon as possible.” – That’s not the sort of note you write when you are going to commit suicide, is it? But I don’t want to ruin you, Max, old boy. Why can’t we come to some agreement? I’m not a rich man. I think that if I had two or three thousand a year for life, I swear before God, I’d never trouble you again.

Mr. de Winter: I am not going to give way to blackmail.

Favell (с ухмылкой глядя на миссис де Уинтер): I don’t suppose your wife wants to be pointed out as Mrs. de Winter, the widow of a murderer, of a fellow who was hanged.

Mr. de Winter: You think you can frighten me, don’t you, Favell? Well you are wrong. I’m not afraid of anything you can do.

Doctor Baker (входит): Forgive me for keeping you waiting. Please sit down.

Colonel Julian: I apologize for disturbing you like this. My name is Julian. This is Mr. de Winter, Mrs. de Winter and Mr. Favell. We have come about the death of the late Mrs. de Winter. You may have seen

 Mr. de Winter’s name in the papers recently.

Doctor Baker: Oh, yes, yes, I suppose I have. Some inquest or other, wasn’t it?

Favell: The jury brought in a verdict of suicide which I say is absolutely out of the question. I knew Mrs. De Winter very well. She didn’t kill herself. Mrs. de Winter would never have done such a thing and what’s more she had no motive. What we want to know is what the devil she came to see you about on the twelfth, at two o’clock, the very day she died?

 Doctor Baker If you excuse me for a few minutes I’ll look in my files. (Возвращается с папкой) The twelfth did you say? At 2 o’clock? Ah! I saw Mrs. Denvers on the twelfth at 2 o’clock.

Favell: What on earth….

Mr. de Winter: She gave the wrong name, of course. Do you remember the visit now, Doctor Baker?

Doctor Baker: Yes, I remember now (медленно читает) Of course this is unprofessional, you know. But your wife is dead and I quite understand the circumstances are exceptional. Well, I can suggest the motive why your wife took her life. She was very seriously ill. She asked for the truth and I let her have it. An operation would be of no use. There is nothing one can do in a case like that, except give morphia and wait.

Mrs. de Winter: Thank you very much, Doctor Baker.

Doctor Baker: I’m so glad to have been of use. Good bye.

Favell: I never had the slightest idea. She kept it a secret from everyone, even from Denny. What a damned thing, eh? Cancer! Oh, my God! (Обращаясь к мистеру де Уинтеру): Yes it's a stroke of luck for you, Max, isn’t it? You think you’ve won, don’t you? But the law can punish you still and so can I, in a different way.

Colonel Julian (обращаясь к мистеру де Винтеру): Favell can’t do anything. I’ll soon deal with him if he comes near Manderley again. I don’t think the papers will bother you any more.

Mr. de Winter: Thank you very much.


(Все уходят. Мистер де Уинтер и миссис де Уинтер садятся в авто.)

Mr. de Winter: I believe that Rebecca lied to me on a purpose. She wanted me to kill her. She foresaw everything. That’s why she laughed. That’s why she stood there laughing when she died.(пауза) It was her last practical joke and I’m not sure if she hasn’t won, even now.

  Mrs. de Winter: What do you mean? How can she have won?

Mr. de Winter: I don’t know, I don’t know. But we must hurry. I want to get home. Something is wrong. I know it is. I want to get home.

Mrs. de Winter (глядя в окно): What time is it?

Mr. de Winter: Twenty past two. You have slept for two hours. We shall be home by three.

Mrs. de Winter: That’ strange. It looks as though the dawn is breaking over there, beyond those hills. It can’t be. It’s too early. It’s in winter you see northern lights, isn’t it? Not in summer.

Mr. de Winter: That’s not the northern lights. It’s the wrong direction too, you’re looking west. That’s not the dawn, that’s Manderley. It is burning. (они смотрят на багряный, словно забрызганный кровью горизонт).

(Голос за кадром): We reached the top of the hill. The road to Manderley lay before us. There was no moon and the sky above our heads was black. But the sky in front of us was full of dreadful light. And the light was red, red like blood. The wind blew towards us from the sea. The smelt of smoke and it was with ashes. They were the ashes of Manderley.

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