Trips to museums around the world






Travelling is a way of life for many people. They travel to see other countries, modern cities and the
ruins of ancient towns, they travel to enjoy picturesque places, or just for a change of scene.

We invite you to visit some museums!

Gor'kovskoe is an old Siberian settlement.It was founded in 1776. Its life is reflected in exhibits of our museum. The museum was founded in 1983. All exhibits were collected by people. It used to call a public museum "The history of the Soviet countryside". It was opened in 1985. Its founder was Natalia Pavlovna Basova. In 1991 the museum received the status of the state museum. Nowadays it has three branches:the school museum of the vilage Serebryanoe, the local history museum of the village Oktyabrskoe and the local history museum of the village Alekseevka.

 There are two mineral sources near the village Serebryanoe. There are also archaelogical sites "Sargatskaya culture" along the river Irtysh.


In our region there are five nature monuments:three geomorphological monuments-"Dravert's coast" near the village Lezhanka, "Dip" and "Thunderbolt" near the village Serebryanoe;two botanical monuments- tracts "Saratov" and "Isakovski",where you can see relict Pine Forests.

Welcome to our region!

(by students of Gor'kovskoe secondary school№1)


Taiwan Wood Carvin Museum

At the end of 2011, we went to the SanYi Wood Sculpture Museum. Wood carving is a main feature of SanYi. Many people in SanYi know how to carve wood beautifully. Because of that, people in SanYi built a museum to display their sculptures.The museum is small, but has many wood carvings. There are two wooden mammoths at the front entrance. They’re very cool, because they were made using the wood’s natural shape. Inside, on the first floor, there are many other countries’ wood carvings, like from Japan and China. On the second floor, there are wood carvings from Taiwan’s aboriginal groups and other artists in Taiwan.I think that this was a very interesting field trip because there were many different wood carvings o see.

(By Ian, with a little help from David and Michael)

Museums from US


Indian Museum

Canadian Local Museum