Приглашаем коллег завести свой персональный блог!

Расскажите о своей профессиональной деятельности.
Ковалёва Элла Андреевна

The latest advances in information technology make it possible for specialists to create personal sites.Although personal sites have not been widely accepted yet, they have certain advantages over traditional seminars, conferences and subscriptions.

At first glance, creating a site in the Internet provides an easier and more comfortable way of obtaining knowledge, sharing ideas and getting response. Moreover, teachers have greater flexibility in their schedule and can work at their own pace. In addition, it is an up-to-date convenient form of organizing your methodological bank. Besides, one can make friends with like- minded people from all over the world.

However, running a site is time consuming. What is more, getting computer literate requires a lot of efforts. Finally, online contact lacks personal emotionally coloured interaction, which promotes the open exchange of ideas. Enthusiastic people can get computer addicted and lack walks in the countryside with their nearest and dearest.

To sum up,virtually every technology has its pros and cons. I believe we must learn how to make the best use if them.

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