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Богатырёва Татьяна Владимировна

Speaker 1
The pay is terrible and the hours are long but at least I have a job. I must admit that I
hadn’t planned to work in a factory making cardboard boxes and other packaging. But on the positive side I am a management trainee. I will only have to work on the factory machines for six months to get experience but then I ’ll go to the design department, the sales department, accounting and so on — until I understand every aspect of the business. The owner says that if I work hard I stand a good chance of being a departmental manager within three years.
Speaker 2
We are enjoying our gap year. Just three girls on a big year long round-the-world
adventure. Luckily we managed to find jobs in most places we travelled to. We’ve been
waitresses, farm workers, cleaners and once wore costumes advertising a toy shop! We feel quite proud actually. But we did hit some problems — particularly in South America — where there was a lot of disapproval about what we were doing. Probably they thought we should be married and keeping home for clever and successful husbands!
Speaker 3
When I started modern literature at Sussex University I somehow managed to fall out with
my tutor on the “Modern European Mind” module. I am not sure how it happened but the early tutorials were frosty to say the least. Then, mid-term, I presented a paper on Thomas Mann. He loved it! After he returned my paper he asked to meet me and we spent two happy, animated hours discussing the short stories and novellas. We are hardly best friends but the atmosphere
in tutorials is 100% better.
Speaker 4
I can’ t say I enjoyed my school days very much. In my opinion it was far too strict. I also
felt that I was forced to study too many subjects and ended up taking several GCSEs in subjects of little interest to me. But I am off to university now and I am not looking back over my shoulder. No more noisy classrooms and compulsory PE, no more memorising the rainfall graphs for Venezuela and the fascinating (yawn) politics of Jacobean England. I am o ff to make a new start and will begin learning what I need to know, to be the person I want to be.
Speaker 5
Living in a hall of residence is not too bad. The people who live on our corridor have become
a little community. We often cook and socialise together. I t ’s pretty comfortable in my bedroom, if a bit small. The woods at the back are beautiful, especially now that it is autumn, and make up for horrid green paint with which the walls are painted. Of course the walls are thin and it can be a bit noisy studying there. But I prefer to work in the library so it is not a problem.

Speaker 6
I thought I had been robbed. My wallet was gone with just about all the money I currently
have. I reported it of course to the Campus administrator and Dad kindly offered to send some money to help me out until the end of term. I was even briefly jealous of my friends who are now earning a salary rather than going to university. But the great news is that I have found my wallet and truth be told, my room is so untidy that I wasn’ t entirely surprised. I wonder if I should give my Dad a call....


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