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Грязнова Валентина Сергеевна

  Победительница Всероссийского конкурса сочинений, 1-е место Языковые курсы в Лондоне


Закиахметова Надежда - победитель Всероссийского конкурса сочинений на английском языке

в рамках акции "Говори с миром" - "Для чего тебе знание иностранного языка?", 1 место.

"Я всю жизнь мечтала побывать в Лондоне", сказала Надежда 

на вручении Грамоты Министерства образования и науки Министерства РФ и

путёвки на участие в языковой программе на 2 недели в Лондоне













Участие в Международном конкурсе сочинений на английском языке, 2010 год

Let’s make the world a better place!

Кузнецова Саша, 8 класс

We live in the XXI century.  And there are some dates in еру history of my country which we shouldn’t forget.  The greatness of the Victory Day of our people in the World War II is the most important data in the history. The memory must live and I think it lives when it becomes the heart’s memory. I’m very proud of my country, of my people who have won long-expected Victory!

 We are happy and we don’t know wars. But we have learned about it from our grandfathers and grandmothers, our teachers, our grown-ups. The number of the people who came to the front was 8124. 3780 were lost.  Nowadays there are only 14 veterans of that dangerous war live in my village. And we care for them. Our class takes part in the voluntary action – “Offer a Helping Hand’. We show sympathy to our veterans and support them. We go to the veteran of the World War II – Zinaida Mihkailovna Bugaets. She went to the war at 18. She says: “I’m very happy’. I live in a beautiful country without wars. I’ve got my young helpers. And I don’t want to die”. We help Zinaida Mihkailovna about the house. We like her stories about that war. She has shown us her Orders and Medals. There are 5.

In our region there are the streets which have heroes’ names – Girina Street and  Medvedeva Street. There is a beautiful Monument of the Ruined Heroes. Every year we put flowers there.

That war touched also my family. My grandfather Rempel Pjotr Petrovich was  on that war and came back in 1945.  I’m very proud of him. He died in 1948.

Our duty is to remember our veterans and retell about their Victory to our future children. As for me I take part in the voluntary action with great pleasure. Helping the elderly people is also helping yourself. You become more kind and supportive. You get life’s experience. I want to say; “Let’s be kind and tolerant! Let’s give a helping hand to our old people! Let’s make the world a better place!”

I haven’t known about it before

My name is Daminov Valera.  I have been studying English for 4 years. It is a very interesting and clever language.  But when I began to study it in the second form I thought it was boring. Alphabets, new words, correct pronunciation… But I was rather small and didn’t understand that new subject would give me new information about the world. I enjoy English now! I love it because I can read, translate, speak English, and sing English songs, take part in different language competitions, do projects and have pen-pals and communicate with them.

I love my Student’s Book! The author of my Student’s Book is Svetlana Grigorjevna Ter-Minasova. She is a professor and works in the Moscow State University. She wrote a very interesting Student’s Book!  I have known much about voluntary work in America in Russia. I didn’t know about Russian captain Oleg Pantyukhov. He was the first who organized Scouting in Russia. The first group of Russian scouts was called Beavers!

I haven’t known that the Queen of England has two crowns. The first crown’s weight is 2 kilograms 155 grams. It is made of gold! The second crown weighs only 910 grams!  

How interesting to discover new things! I want to read more about the history of Great Britain and traditions.  I want to visit London and to see the Queen! I want to be clever and I will try to do the best!


How to Understand You, a Teacher?

(Tulyakova Ilmira, 10 form)

                                                                                                    The way you teach,

                                                                                                    The knowledge you share,

                                                                                         The care you take,

                                                                                           The love you show,

                                                                              Makes you

                                                                                                   The world’s best teacher

It is popularly believed that teacher’s profession is difficult and unpopular. There are both advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s begin with advantages. The main advantage of this profession is that a teacher knows much in some subjects and can explain a lot of unknown things, including different spheres of life. Some of them are good at art, music, science and other subjects. It’s so exciting!

Secondly teachers take part in different conferences, assemblies, meetings. So they make new friends and communicate with a lot of other people and it is always very interesting. They take part in different competitions and get grants. In addition to it they teach different schoolchildren who love them very much and try to be the best pupils.

Last year was declared the Year of the Teacher. This was announced by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, speaking a message of the Federal Assembly. He noted that the state will do everything that the teacher was a respected figure in society. There were many meetings and parties at our school devoting to that data. We prepared special concert program for our teachers and made multimedia presentations about them. We prepared beautiful slideshows about them and greeting cards. We devoted them our poems and published in our local and school newspaper.

But there are some disadvantages in this profession. Sometimes such work is full of stress. I know about it because my mother is a teacher. She doesn’t take students’ problems easy. That’s why she always speaks about it in our family. But I want to be with my mother and talk about my problems and life. She is always tired. What to do? She loves her work very much and her students love her because she helps them to achieve their targeted goals.

All things considered into account I can say that there are more advantages in this profession. Our teachers created their own, individual style of teaching. With a creative approach, a profound knowledge of the subject our teachers attained the best results thanks to which the difficulties become easy. Some teachers have also become well known in the world.


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