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Филимоненкова Елена Евгеньевна

"Personal site: for and against"

To have or not  to  have? That is the question!  We live in the world of  IT  and no doubt modern teachers can’t  imagine their work without them.

On one hand having your own site is a necessity. Every teacher must have it because we communicate with those teachers who live in different part of this country and even abroad. No doubt using IT helps us to be well informed about new methods of teaching English. If you have your own site you can share your experience with other teachers. Besides, your site can help you to systemize your knowledge. To create it you’ll learn a lot of new things. To my mind if a teacher doesn’t learn she isn’t a good teacher. Those who believe that they can live without a computer are mistaken. Your site will also make your life more interesting. And I think it’s prestigious to have your own site.

On the other hand creating your site will take you a lot of time because it needs a regular service. And of course some people can use your personal information in their criminal purposes.

I always dream about my site but I don’t know how to do it. But now my dreams will come true.

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