Приглашаем коллег завести свой персональный блог!

Расскажите о своей профессиональной деятельности.
Красикова Екатерина Николаевна

My personal site … The thing I was eager to have but never have the time. It’s very usual thing – fill lack of time for yourself.

 There are many people who are “for” and “against” having it. Some say that a personal site is an advertisement and a good teacher doesn’t need any. Furthermore, a teacher  needs much time to keep it active and interesting for the visitors (needless to say we usually don’t have much free time).

 Others believe that this site will help a lot in your professional achievements and let you communicate easily with our colleagues around the World.  You can share info and even do some researches with other teacher virtually.

As for me, I suppose,  we should have our personal sites. Let’s try and figure out if I’m right.

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