Приглашаем коллег завести свой персональный блог!

Расскажите о своей профессиональной деятельности.
Трубникова Мария Николаевна

Why we should use personal site in teaching foreign languages?

 Within the frame work of the modern school the main purpose of teaching is a development of a schoolchild personality. That is why it is very important to use internet technologies in a teaching process. This helps teachers to encourage student’s cognitive interest as well as to develop student’s skills of working in various information sources. Therefore teacher’s personal site is a very progressive and useful method in the sphere of education. Let’s enumerate the main reasons why a modern teacher should use internet and particularly his personal site in the process of teaching English language. First of all – English language is the most widely spread language in the global net, These means that practically 70% of global sites are in English. Secondly the modern schoolchildren are very internet competent, they got used to working in the net and that is more important they like it very much. That is why the application of new technology like a teacher’s personal site will make the lesson interesting and will motivate students’ interest in learning process. The third reason why I am for using personal site in the education – is distance learning. As we know there are children unable to go to school due to their health problems or other reasons. So our job is to help these individual students. With a help of a teacher’s personal site a student could improve his/her English without leaving his working place. In the end I’d love to say that the relationship with students is based on the principals of mutual collaboration and joint creative work, so let’s improve our work and do us best!

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