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Сообщения темы: Тихонова Анна
Тихонова Анна 9 г. назад Репутация: 0
Тихонова Анна
6 класс
г.Канаш Чувашской Республики
учитель Иванова Кристина Александровна
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What does this word mean?
Love, hope and support ...
You say to yourself.
But someone will say,
I do not know the answer.
You should not judge him.
Mom - this is the only person
Who always understands you,
Always for you,
Always listen and tell
How to behave.
Mother, she is the one I taught you everything,
The one who gave you life,
That thou shaltIs required for life.
Mom, this is the man who will help
Who will protect you.
The one in front of which all life
You'll be in outstanding debt.
No, no, nothing against you, I can not say.
Because you, my mother, the only one
My own people.
Mom, how much it means
This word for me.
Mother, through tears, whispers
I always pronounce.
Mom. Mom. Mom.
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