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Сообщения темы: Шевченко Ника
Шевченко Ника 9 г. назад Репутация: 0
Шевченко Ника
6 класс
ГУ школа-лицей №6
Казахстан, г Экибастуз
учитель Турова Светлана Николаевна
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Devoted to my Mother

The “Mother” word is very short,
But there is so much –
A birth itself and tender care,
Love, joy and gentle touch.

You grow up. Despite your age,
You are a child ever,
There’s no person in the world,
Like mother, it’s forever.

My mother is a friend of mine,
She helps me learn the life,
When problems come, we don’t give up,
But striving to survive.

I always tell my mother truth,
That’s why, she always trusts me,
I like her jokes and her smile,
But only not her tears.

In March we’ll celebrate the day,
We recognize all mothers,
We celebrate it once a year –
But we should do it always.
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