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Сообщения темы: Жалялова Лилия
Жалялова Лилия 11 г., 3 мес. назад Репутация: 0
Жалялова Лилия
9 класс
"МОУ Гимназия
г. Раменское"


When you held me fondly in your arms
Smiling through the tears of pride,
A marvelous lullaby from your mouth
Helped me to fall asleep in your hugs.

And even then I knew it for sure
That my mum is the best in the world,
My dear angel, I will always admire
Your force and your fortitude look.

Like the sun you warmed me daily.
I grew up with each passing day,
And now I turned into a valley
Which is full of wonderful sun rays.

I'm cognizing all difficulties of life,
And I'm making my own decisions...
You've invigorated me throughout the time.
And now I will take care of you, my pigeon!

Your eyes like blue peaceful skies,
Like two lakes of the vital memory.
I wish to plunge into this purity
To understand your sadness when you cry!

You are a strict but fair woman.
You support me all my life.
Mum, I can't express my feelings-
There is no such a lofty phrase.

Every child wants an endless life of Mum.
Every morning and every evening
I will try with all my patience and might
To enliven your smile though it's not easy..

Who's this so wonderful a person
So courageous for a brave step?
Who's giving me the wonder of the universe?
It is you, my Mum. Youarethebest!

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