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Расскажите о своей профессиональной деятельности.
Лютикова Галина Александровна

We can’t imagine our life without The Internet. It’s the greatest opportunity to communicate with each other. A personal site is one of the way of communication. What could motivate someone to keep a personal site? There are many reasons to keep it.

         First many people maintain personal sites because they are the most effective medium to express their opinions.

         More than that relaxed regulation allows for users to post their feelings and content without fear of being censored or shut down.

            I should add that the desire to create an online presence additionally motivates a growing number of young people to construct personal sites. That’s why    personal sites are becoming more and more popular and can actually make people money.

         But on the other hand personal sites have some disadvantages. Personal sites can be used to display any forms of content or media that was produced by the site's creator. Users learn how to use cultural symbols for their own purposes, while at the same time they learn the technological skills necessary to create these representations.

In conclusion I want to add that to keep your personal site or not it’s your own business. As for me I would like to create and maintain my personal site because it’s necessary for my job.

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