How to understand the difference between the UK and Great Britain | Learn English | British Council
06 Ноябрь 2013

Practice exercise: http:learnenglish.britishcouncil.orgenhowhow-understand-difference-between-uk-and-great-britain Do you find it difficult to understand the difference between the UK and Great Britain? Transcript Man: So where are you from? Woman: Scotland. Are you Scottish too? Man: Well no, I'm English actually, but... you know... it's all like the same thing, isn't it? Woman: Not exactly. Man: Go on! Isn't Scotland just like well, a bit of England? Woman: No, it is not! Man: Sorry, Britain I mean. Woman: Britain is not England! Man: Well yeah... I know that, I'm not stupid or anything... but Britain's like, England, Scotland and Wales, isn't it? Woman: Not exactly. Man: Yeah, it is; the UK, the United Kingdom. Woman: The United Kingdom is Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Man: Oh I see, but we're all like the same nation, aren't we? Woman: Not really. Four nations, one state. Man: Oh, I get it! So the UK (is) like the same as Great Britain... Woman: Great Britain is a geographical term -- it's a big island with Scotland, England, and Wales on it. Man: All right, but we all have the same prime minister, don't we? Woman: Yes, and the same head of state. Man: The Queen! Woman: Exactly. Man: And the same government? Woman: Well, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own local parliaments. Man: Oh. I see. Woman: It's complicated. Man: Yeah, I can see that.