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70 месяца назад
Олейник Елена Сергеевна отвечено на тему Задайте ваш вопрос Люку Томпсону в форумах.
I am Oleinik Elena, a pupil, Tavricheskaya school № 1, Tavricheskoe, Omsk region.

Hello Luke!

If you were invited to the birthday of the British Queen, what would you present her?

Thank you.
Фев. 12
83 месяца назад
Олейник Елена Сергеевна создано новых тем Международный Конкурс творческих проектов White Birch Centenary Номинация «Стихи. Посвящение Сергею Есенину» в форумах.
Олейник Елена
8 класс
МОУ "Таврическая гимназия"
р.п. Таврическое
Учитель: Спиридонова Татьяна Ивановна

It is devoted to the Greatest Poet of Russia

The life of Esenin was short
but he was the best!
He had written the poems
and they us impressed.
They are sometimes simple
but full of great love
to people and nature,
to father and Mum,
to white Russian birch,
to meadows, woods.
The lines of the poems are very good!

The life of Esenin was short.
But he was like a star!
He twinkled so brightly and flew away very far.
The heavens had taken the soul of him.
But poems are still here
And we are so sorry and worry for him!

The life of Esenin was short
But he had his own type of life!
And may be he did everything fine!
The troubles of mother disturbed him too much
Because he loved Mummy
She was the only for him, she was such!

He always remembered her stories and tales,
Folk songs and chastushkies,
Her favorite face!
He tried to send money the most his part
And visited Mummy being free of his art.

The God took his destiny into his hands
And nobody could help him
Neither Mummy nor friends.
The fortune was cruel
He’d died, he had gone
But everybody knows
He had not all done!
Янв. 25
96 месяца назад
Олейник Елена Сергеевна отвечено на тему Олейник Елена в форумах.
Thank you!
Дек. 24
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